Boeing About To Restart 737 MAX Deliveries To China (Again)?

By Spyros Georgilidakis | August 26, 2023

It appears that Boeing is getting ready to restart deliveries of 737 MAX aircraft to its customers in China. But we’ve heard of that before.

Boeing About To Restart 737 MAX Deliveries To China (Again)?
Photo: N509FZ, CC BY-SA 4.0

Despite some encouraging moves at specific times, Boeing hasn’t delivered any 737s to China for four years now. The ungrounding is a separate story. Several months ago, all Chinese carriers with 737-8s and 737-9s in their fleets, have restarted operating them.

However, Boeing hasn’t made any new deliveries of any 737 MAX models in China. But this could be about to change, according to sources cited by Bloomberg. Boeing recently took two 737s out of storage. These jets should have gone to Chinese operators years ago.

Photo: Boeing

We have seen that Boeing has previously remarketed some 737 MAX single-aisles originally ordered by airlines in China. In total, Boeing has remarketed 55 737s to other customers. Some sources suggest that Air India could pick up some of these jets.

Boeing 737 MAX Narrowbodies Getting Readied For China Deliveries

But the American manufacturer still has 85 737s that it intends to hand over to its Chinese customers. And according to this latest news, Boeing could restart 737 MAX deliveries to airlines in China “within weeks”. The first jets look set to go to China Southern Airlines.

Boeing About To Restart 737 MAX Deliveries To China (Again)?
Photo: N509FZ, CC BY-SA 4.0

Boeing has refused to confirm this story, beyond stating that it is supporting its Chinese customers. However, the manufacturer is moving aircraft to locations where they are usually prepared for delivery. This work may be substantial, for jets that have been sitting in storage for this long.

Beyond the grounding of the 737 MAX, Boeing has struggled with both deliveries and orders of new jets from China, due to international trade tensions. Airbus secured a large A320neo-family aircraft order from China last summer, despite similar tensions with European countries.

Photo: Boeing

Nevertheless, aviation analysts agree that China needs new aircraft, as its aviation industry recovers and expands. Chinese carriers may be taking deliveries of the home-grown COMAC C919, but the production of this aircraft remains very slow. Plus, it is subject to the same international supply chain bottlenecks as those hitting Airbus and Boeing.



  • Laurence Wolf Sr

    I agree with Bruce. Biden’s soft on China policies has allowed our greedy corporations to cut off the American worker at the knees to the benefit of China and their corporate pockets and the American middle class is gone because of it. It is now the 1% elites and everybody else. China has no interest in doing anything that benefits us they want only to destroy us. Screw China. Let the build their own airplanes. Boeing can get these 85 jets to other of their customers. They may not make the profit they would have made in China having to retrofit those planes to the new customers specs but they will still make money. We as Americans should not do anything to help China in the least. They are our enemy. Thanks for your comment Bruce.

  • Greed pushed big business to China and chopped off American industry at the knees. America will never recover the loss of all the hard working blue collar middle class, to the detriment of OUR COUNTRY! I could care less if China has airplanes. Remember how the Wuhan virus was spread all over the world? Also how they get 400,000 student spies into our traitorous colleges and universities to steal research and technology. Send every one of them back. China is NOT a competitor. They are an enemy who wants to destroy our society.

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