EU Blacklist and Confidential Aviation Reporting Systems

The EU Air Safety List (aka Blacklist):


Confidential Aviation Reporting Systems


The US Aviation Safety Reporty System (ASRS):


EASA Confidential Safety Reporting:


UK’s Confidential Human Factors Incident Reporting (CHiRP):


Australia’s REPCON – Aviation Confidential Reporting Scheme:


Brazil’s RCSV (Relato ao CENIPA Para Seguranca De Voo):




China – Sino Confidential Aviation Safety System (SCASS):


Japan’s VOluntary Information Contributory to Enhancement of Safety (VOICES):


Korean confidential Aviation Incident Reporting System (KAIRS)


Singapore – Tell Sarah:


Spain – Safety Reporting System (SRS):


South Africa – Confidential Aviation Hazard Reporting System (CAHRS):


TAiwan Confidential Aviation safety REporting system (TACARE):