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By Luke Will | August 13, 2020

Here at Travel Radar we are pleased to be growing as one of the leading hubs for Aviation & Commercial Air-Travel news available on the internet and are always looking at new ways to evolve to bring you the latest content directly; Today we are pleased to announce our new Email Newsletter: The Travel Radar Weekly Digest.

Our new Digest is now open to signup’s and starting this Friday, 14 August, we’ll be sending out our first copy of the newsletter. Our Weekly Digest aims to bring you the week’s top news, stories and information directly to your email inbox; We’ll also send our periodical Breaking News updates as and when these stories break.

If you’re an AvGeek, Frequent Flier or just a keen reader of our content, then our weekly digest is certainly for you!

Get Involved – and Sign-Up

You can click here to signup to our weekly digest. You’ll receive one weekly email each Friday, and occasional breaking news updates as and when they happen. As this is very much a new feature for us here at Travel Radar, we’d love to hear your feedback on the style, content and regularity – Please drop a comment below or get in touch with us to let us know your thoughts!

Thank you as ever for supporting Travel Radar’s journey – I hope you enjoy this exciting new feature!

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