Revenge of the Fifth- Star Wars Liveries from around the world!

By Luke Will | May 5, 2020


Yesterday’s date marked a celebration for Star Wars fans around the world, as ‘May the Fourth’ finally came upon us again; But for those fans preferring the dark-side of the force, ‘Revenge of the Fifth’ is an equally celebrated occasion. To celebrate these two Star Wars days, we decided to take a look at some of the great Star Wars liveries from around the world!

All Nippon Airways- Or the Jedi’s Airline?

Japan’s ANA (All Nippon Airways) has celebrated the Star Wars franchise with four strikingly liveried jets, including some of the favourite ‘droid’ characters from the series. With the many ties to Star Wars, we may end up dubbing the carrier the ‘Jedi’s Airline’ in tribute to the light-side of the force!

The first ANA Star Wars aircraft is a Boeing 787-9, registration JA873A; It’s painted in an iconic R2-D2 livery, one of the main protagonists throughout the saga. | (c) OneMoreWeekToGo Photography

The second ANA aircraft painted in a Star Wars themed livery was this 777-300ER,  JA789A. This one in the theme of BB8, a droid from Disney’s ‘The Force Awakens’ episode. | (c) OneMoreWeekToGo Photography

The third Star Wars tribute aircraft was this C-3PO painted 777-200ER, registration JA743A. | (c) OneMoreWeekToGo Photography

And finally the fourth livery: A combination of  BB-8 & R2-D2 painted on alternating sides of this 767-300ER, registration JA604A. | (c) Flickr Commons

Virgin Atlantic

But All Nippon Airways are not the only airline celebrating the Star Wars saga; In 2019 the carrier repainted one of their Boeing 747’s, G-VLIP (delivered in 2001) in this striking ‘Falcon Livery’, celebrating the famous Millennium Falcon ship from the series. This Queen of the Skies sadly does not include a hyperdrive though – sorry lightspeed hoppers!

The Falcon Livery on one of Virgin’s 747’s | (c) RichJ via JetPhotos


United Airways- Both sides of the force

Likely in competition with fellow carrier WestJet, who painted a Boeing 737 in a striking ‘Frozen’ livery in 2015, United unveiled a stunning ‘force-balanced’ Boeing 737 in November 2019, with Sith & Jedi paint-schemes and ships on alternating sides. Here’s a clip of how it was painted:

LATAM- In celebration of Disney World

To celebrate the opening of the the Star Wars themed ‘Galaxy’s Edge’ attractions in Disney World Resort Florida, South-American carrier LATAM painted one of their Boeing 777’s, PT-MUA,  in this ‘Stormtrooper Livery’: An effort requiring 2,500 liters of paint and 21 days of work.

We hope you enjoyed this Star Wars themed post and we hope you all had a good ‘May the Fourth’ and ‘Revenge of the Fifth.’ Be sure to let us know your favourite livery in the comments below!

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