Kalitta Freighter Boeing 737-400 Veers Off Runway in Rochester, New York

By Ankur Deo | June 7, 2020

A runway excursion incident was reported in Rochester, New York, at 0955hrs local time on June 5, 2020. A Kalitta Charters aircraft – a Boeing 737-400 freighter, registered as N733CK – performing flight KI-822 from Rochester,NY to Hartford,CT (USA), was taking off from Rochester Airport’s Runway 22 at 09:11L. However, the Boeing 737 veered off the runway to the left. The crew rejected the takeoff immediately. The aircraft then left the runway and came to a halt with all landing gears on soft ground, about 130 feet to the left of the runway centre-line, 750 feet down the runway.

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There were 3 members of cabin crew aboard the aircraft, and fortunately, no injuries or any substantial damage to the aircraft or airport infrastructure was reported. Post the incident, the flight captain stated that they were lined up for ready for takeoff, the copilot applied thrust and that is when the aircraft veered to the left, thereby, leaving the runway almost immediately.

METAR and NOTAMs at the time of the incident ©Aviation Herald

Rochester Airport Firefighters reached the on the site immediately after the incident. The aircraft was a 28-year-old Boeing 737-400, still painted in the colours of cargo delivery company, DHL. The Rochester Airport Firefighters Union stated later:

‘According to scanner audio, aircraft experienced a mechanical issue before veering off the runway.’

The National Transport Safety Board (NTSB) is assessing the incident. Technical details about the same are yet unknown. We are following this incident closely.

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