Iran Air A319 Skids Off Runway

By Ankur Deo | February 1, 2020

Iran Air A319 Skids Off Runway, by Travel Radar Correspondent Ankur Deo

In the early hours of February 1, 2020 (Saturday), an Iran Air Airbus A319, coded flight IR283, skidded off runway in the western city of Kermanshah. Low visibility and and extreme snowy conditions are stated as primary reasons behind the incident, though, investigations are still underway.

According to reports, there were no injuries to the 102 passengers and crew on-board and ground staff. The aircraft was arriving from the capital, Tehran, and had not experienced any technical problems, thereby, confirming the fact that the airplane was in perfect shape and technically sound. The aircraft’s nose wheel slipped 6 metres into the snowy grassland due to heavy snowfall and low visibility when it was on the taxiway after landing on Runway 29.

Image Credits: Radio Farida, Iran News.

Meteorological data from Kermanshah shows the visual range for runway 29 at 0600hrs local time was down to 300m, with fog and snow showers. Images taken by ground staff, purporting to show the immediate aftermath, indicate passengers disembarked the A319 via air-stairs. While there is no indication of serious damage, Iran Air says the aircraft will be inspected thoroughly by engineers and undergo any necessary repairs.

The aircraft involved in the incident was registered as EP-IEQ, and was an eighteen year old Airbus A319. It was one of three A319s which were acquired as a batch by Iran Air last year, after being originally delivered to Air China and subsequently to Rossiya. This is the second time in a week that a plane has skidded off the runaway in Iran. Just last week, a Caspian Air MD-83, carrying 135 passengers skidded off the runway and onto a road adjacent to the airport. While Iran is still coping with the aftermath of the accidental downing of a Ukrainian airliner over Tehran last month, incidents like these are most likely to raise some concerns regarding operation safety observed in the country.

We will come with an update as soon as we have more details. Stay tuned!

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