Iran Air 747-200 Refurbished by Locals to Avoid US Sanctions

By Travel Radar | September 28, 2020


According to state media (Mehr News) in Iran, Iran Air has refurbished a Boeing 747, including a complete overhaul, using local engineers.


What’s the significance of this?

According to a report, the aircraft is set to fly to the UAE and then back to Payam Karaj in Iran, though it is not clear what the plane’s overall future is. It comes as Iran is preparing for the end of an arms embargo and seeks to get around US sanctions.


The origins of this particular aircraft being in Iran are relatively recent, in contrast to Iran’s fleet of other 747s. It is a 747-200 variant. According to reports Iran has operated some 28 of this and other 747 variants over the years, an aging fleet that dates back to the 1970s.


Many countries have retired these planes. Overall Iranian carriers operate up to 156 aircraft. Some of them are under sanctions by the US. For instance western intelligence sources have been suspicious of flights by the Fars Air Qeshm Boeing 747 between Tehran and Damascus in the past.


This Specific Example – MG

According to the report of the refurbishing of the 747-200 (reg. EP-ICD) the engineers said it was the first time in six years to complete these repairs.


This particular aircraft entered Iranian service in 2008. Iranian officials said this was one of the

“most important aircraft repairs in the Islamic Republic.”


The report indicated that Iran Air, called “Homa” which was involved in refurbishing the airline was under US sanctions “but nevertheless with the efforts of Iranian engineers we have been able to carry out all repairs.”



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