Flight returns to Madrid after landing gear FALLS into engine

By Luke Will | February 3, 2020

Flight returns to Madrid after landing gear FALLS into engine, by Travel Radar Correspondent Luke Will

Air Canada flight AC837 was forced to return to Madrid Airport today, after part of it’s landing gear “fell off” and became ingested into the engine, according to a Spanish Pilot Union.

ADSB data shows the aircraft circled above South-Easterly Spain for about 3hrs | (c) FlightRadar24

The Air Canada flight, number AC837, operated by a Boeing 767 aircraft spent three hours circling above the south-easternly region of Spain, in an effort to burn fuel prior to landing; Reports are that ATC (Air Traffic Controllers) refused the flight-crew’s request to dump fuel. Madrid Airport have released a statement that:

30 minutes after takeoff, flight ac837 requested an emergency landing to obtain priority clearance to get passengers and crew back on the ground as soon as possible

Spanish News Organisation El Mundo reports that 128 passengers were onboard the flight which was bound from Madrid, Spain, to Toronto, Canada.  The aircraft, registration C-GHOZ, joined the Air Canada fleet since 2005 after taking it’s first flight in 1989.

Shortly after the incident hit social media, the airline released a statement saying: the aircraft type, a Boeing 767, is designed to operate on one engine, and our pilots are fully trained for this eventuality”

Earlier in the day the airspace at Barajas (Madrid) airport was closed after drone activity was detected in the airport vicinity. It was reopened just half an hour before the Air Canada flight got into difficulties. It was as yet unclear whether the two events were connected and we await comment from authorities.

In dramatic footage from onboard the aircraft, a fighter aircraft can be seen on the starboard wing. The Spanish Air Force confirmed that F18 aircraft were scrambled to escort the aircraft and the military pilots undertook a visual inspection of the aircraft – For damaged landing gear could make it tricky for the aircraft to be landed safely.

The plane has landed safely in Madrid | (c) JAVIER SORIANO

It has since been revealed the aircraft has touched down safely in Madrid and no injuries are reported amongst the 128 passengers onboard.

We will bring you the latest as we receive it.

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