Extinction Rebellion disrupt London Heathrow

By Luke Will | December 8, 2019

Climate Change has become a prevalent issue amongst the aviation industry, with pressure groups targeting the industry for it’s “irresponsible” ecological footprint. Today, one such group, Extinction Rebellion (XR), plan to stage a ‘lie-in’ at the UK’s busiest airport, London Heathrow.

Arriving earlier this morning, complete with a makeshift bulldozer, XR have filmed a short video of them cycling to Heathrow in masses, as they begin to protest about a third runway at the mega-hub.

The United Kingdom is currently preparing for a General Election, where a Prime Minister and constituency-representatives (MPs) are elected into central government; The move by XR today forms part of their ‘Twelve days of Crisis’ campaign, in the lead up to the election – An election in which climate justice has become a predominant theme. Releasing a tweet this morning, regional XR Group for London said:

Boris Johnson said he’d block Heathrow airport expansion by lying in front of the bulldozer.

He’s an MP, he could have blocked it in parliament.

He didn’t.

Now the bulldozer’s coming.

Boris Johnson must block Heathrow. RT to agree

The group setoff from Hyde Park at 10:30am, planning to block multiple destinations en-route, before arriving at the airport at 1:30pm this afternoon. Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell and other politicians have been invited to partake in the protest.

Upon arrival at the airport, the group intend on forming on Bath Road, along the airport perimeter’s tunnel road roundabout, where they will ‘reenact’ “the future destruction” of the landscape should the third runway be built.

Parliament approved the airport’s expansion in 2018, but fell under criticism for this by Prime Minister Johnson, who said an island airport – dubbed Boris Island – would bring far more benefits that expanding existing airport, Heathrow. The runway expansion is said to be in it’s final planning stages, before construction begins, aimed at finishing in 2026.

What are your thoughts on Extinction Rebellion’s moves? And is it time for more climate justice in the aviation industry? Let us know below!

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