Etihad to Stand Down A380 Fleet, Indefinitely

By Travel Radar | October 11, 2020


As Coronavirus continues to affect demand for flight, middle-eastern carrier Etihad,  has announced it will indefinitely grounded its entire fleet of A380s.


The Details of the Grounding

The super jumbo is out of schedules since March. The airline is now grounding its ten A380s for at least the next 11 months due to the pandemic.

A spokesman for Etihad Airways has now confirmed the extended grounding for its A380s.

“As Etihad continues to focus on recovery and rebuilding our global network, we will continue to rely on the efficiencies and advantages of our twin engine wide-body aircraft,”

further adding that:

“During this period, Etihad’s 10 Airbus A380s will remain grounded, until demand grows and there is sufficient appetite to reassess their viability.


Etihad CEO Tony Douglas has already raised the question of if its A380s will ever fly again, saying that while passengers love the double-decker cruiser, “I think it’s heavily handicapped by two engines too many, and other aircraft that can do the job far more efficiently, far more sustainably.”


It’s still not sure if the 10 A380s will return to the service marking a sad decline in Airbus Superjumbos flying around the world.


Are you sad to see the A380s grounded by Etihad – share your thoughts below!


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