Back in business!

By Petter Hornfeldt | December 21, 2018

Good evening my friends!

So today I have started working again after my vacation and it was not a soft start.

Since I now have a lot of availible hours I can do the really long days and the company had really noticed that. πŸ™‚

I got up at 0405 Local time this morning and went to work where I was rostered to do 4 sectors going from Girona to Charleoi, back again, then to London and then home.

At least we had an absolutely beautiful sunrise on our way towards Brussels as you can see here.

On the third sector we had an aircraft change. The reason that we sometimes have aircraft changes is to enable maintenance to be done at select maintenance locations throughout the network.

Some things can be done locally by engineers at night but some things needs to be done at the bigger maintenance centres and to facilitate that the fleet is constantly moving in and out of bases.

This means that we don’t fly the same aircraft individual all the time but instead are constantly flying different ones.

An aircraft change require a bit more work for us in the cockpit since we need to redo the initial setups again but the real extra workload is put on the cabin-crew who have to close and reopen the bars onboard as well as doing all the security checks etc.

This incurred a little delay and together with the de-brief of my training first-officer, when we came back, it meant that I wasn’t home again util 18:00 local time.

Tomorrow I have an even longer day so I probably wont have any energy to write anything then.

Have a fantastic evening Β my friends!


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