American Airlines Orders 260 Aircraft – Including The 737 MAX-10

By Spyros Georgilidakis | March 5, 2024

American Airlines ordered airliners from Airbus, Boeing, and Embraer – but its order for the 737 MAX-10 comes at a key moment for Boeing.

In 2011, American Airlines placed what was then the largest aircraft order in history. It amounted to 460 single-aisle aircraft, split between Airbus and Boeing. It included A320ceo and neo variants on the Airbus side, and 737-800s and 737 MAX-8s, from the Boeing camp.

American Airlines Orders 260 Aircraft – Including The 737 MAX-10
Image: Boeing

More importantly, this was a pivotal order in getting the 737 MAX in production, driving Boeing away from an all-new 737/757 replacement. This week’s American Airlines announcement wasn’t quite as pivotal, but it features sizeable orders for the 737 MAX-10, from a very appreciative Boeing.

Last week, industry rumors suggested that Airbus would get the bulk of the upcoming order. The same rumors also said that the order would be for around 100 narrowbody jets, in total. Both of these estimates turned out to be false, although the numbers may have been changing constantly, until the very end.

American Airlines Orders 260 Aircraft – Including The 737 MAX-10
Photo: Airbus

737 MAX-10 Vs A321neo – American Picks Evenly (pending options and conversions)

So, the final tally is quite balanced between the two big rival manufacturers. American ordered 85 MAX-10 narrowbodies and the same number of A321neos. But the airline is also converting previous orders for 30 737 MAX-8s to MAX-10s, raising its commitment to the larger variant to 115 aircraft.

American Airlines Orders 260 Aircraft – Including The 737 MAX-10
Photo: Daniel Shapiro

But the American Airlines order doesn’t just include the MAX-10 and the A321neo. The airline also ordered 90 Embraer E175s, for its regional subsidiaries. American already uses the type, but this is its single biggest order, as it replaces older 50-seat models.

As interesting as this order is, there are persistent rumors of another one coming soon, this time from United. The airline could place a three-digit order of A321neos, to replace its 737 MAX-10 orders. United is a 737 MAX-10 launch customer and originally expected to start taking deliveries in 2020.

The 737 MAX-10 is already flying, in United colors, in a NASA project to measure SAF emissions. Photo: NASA

If this development comes to pass, it will be difficult for the American Airlines order to “even out” United’s removal of the MAX-10 from its plans. American states that it has options and purchase rights for another 193 aircraft – without clarifying how this number is split between manufacturers and types.

In any case, American doesn’t seem to be in a hurry to take delivery of the largest 737 variant. Its first 737 MAX-10s won’t enter service before 2028. The airline currently has orders for a total of 440 aircraft.



  • Boeing needs to completely scrap the 737!Max series and start over with a new design to replace this flawed model given recent and past failures with 347 lives lost to the MCAS blunder. Its public reputation has been so damaged that not even some of Boeing’s own employees now admit to not wanting to fly in it themselves! Boeing should have left well enough alone with the original 737 classic model and not attempt to continually add new saddles to a 50 year old horse now with a broken back! The Tucson bone yard would be happy to accept early retirees of the 737 MAX!

  • Gianfranco Scanu

    A Boeing B777-200 della United Airlines has lost a wheel immediately after take off from San Francisco airport.
    After the door accident I answered a question about difference between Airbus and Boeing with a joke: “Airbus is not used to loose parts on the way….”.
    I am beginning to wonder if mine was really a joke….

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