Airbus Begins “E-Delivery” of Aircraft to Customers

By Sumanth Bharadwaj | April 23, 2020

In a bid to tackle the spread of COVID-19, Airbus will start the “e-delivery” of aircraft to its customers. The company announced in a press release that the new process has already begun and it will ensure the company is delivering aircraft to its customers as promised.

A new aircraft hand-over and “e-delivery” virtual process have recently commenced operation, guaranteeing the continuation of Airbus’ delivery stream, while integrating the required health & safety requirements during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

How does “E-Delivery” work?

The European aircraft manufacturer will begin by offering “Technical Acceptance Completion” by which customers would delegate tasks to Airbus such as ground check, acceptance test flight, acceptance manuals and procedures and minor cosmetic rework if any.

Subsequently “Transfer of Title” will be executed online. This would take place through a platform that brings airline customers and Airbus to approve contractual agreements through paperless drafting. The platform would eliminate the physical presence of the customer, thus making it safe.

The final part of this model is for Airbus is to deliver the aircraft to its customer. Airbus said that the procedure would be executed in the safest way possible. Customer’s own crew or an appointed third party can fly the sanitized aircraft from the delivery centre to their home base.

Pegasus Airlines is the first airline to participate in Airbus’s e-delivery model. ©Airbus

Airbus also announced that the Turkish-based LCC Pegasus Airlines was the first airline to adopt the “e-delivery” model. Over the last few days, the airline received three brand new Airbus A320 NEOs.

Airbus’s rival Boeing last month reported hundreds of cancellations of aircraft orders. Although the cancellations were chiefly due to issues with Boeing 737 MAX, deliveries also slowed down by 63 per cent. This came at a time when the airline industry is struggling, leading to cancellations worldwide. The COVID-19 pandemic has also obligated governments to enforce strict lockdown across their countries. Unfortunately, people are unable to move or travel. 

Boeing and Airbus orders and deliveries through 31st March ©DSM

Airbus indeed came out with a great idea during this crisis. This idea would enable Airbus not to hoard aircraft at their bases and be able to deliver them to customers. The delivery process will likely smoothen, make it more efficient for customers, and will become the “blueprint” for future deliveries. 

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