The Airline Pilot Club Newsletter #2

By Bryan Mc Namara | January 19, 2020

Airline Pilot Club Update #2


Since our last Update, we have been busy behind the scenes over here at the Airline Pilot Club.

As we speak, our website is being finalized and is almost ready for Airline Pilot Club applications!

Our partners at AON have been all over Europe and USA exploring different ways to deliver the best possible financial product for Airline Pilot Club members. We are making big progress, especially in the U.S., while the European market is proving a bit more challenging because of financial regulations regarding unsecured loans. It appears that in Europe the funding model will have to adapt to these regulations.

Regardless, the AON team is working on ways to make funds available to APC members who are successful in the APC approved School (ATO) assessment and selection process.  Stay tuned for more information on this very soon!

We think that now would be a great time to focus on your first steps as a member of the Airline Pilot Club. In this Update, we’re going to talk about: 

  1. APC Membership
  2. Taking the Indicative Assessment
  3. Understanding & Using the Report


  1. Club Membership

The first step in your engagement with the Airline Pilot Club is to become a member. When you subscribe you will be given full access to several services within the club such as career guidance, financial products, merchandise and crucially our exclusive product the APC/AON Indicative Assessment

When you sign up for the club, you will be assigned a seniority number which will be used to help a fair and transparent process to allocate the benefits/courses that the club will provide, should there be a limited number of ATO course spaces available. So make sure you sign up fast.

  1. Taking the Indicative Assessment 

Prior to taking your first assessment at an ATO, we want you to understand your strengths and weaknesses and whether the Airline Pilot career is one that you should pursue. APC will provide you with professional feedback in areas where you can improve so that you can fulfill your potential as a professional pilot. We believe strongly in giving you honest feedback about your skills before you start your flight training. 

The Indicative Assessment is a new assessment tool that has been developed by APC and AON. It is not the full ATO assessment that you will have to undergo before you commence pilot training. However, it is designed to help you make key career decisions. It will also guide you towards any area that you will need to improve before starting your training. 

Benefits of using the IA: 

  1. Early Indication: You and your family will know whether the Airline Pilot career is a realistic option for you based on data and not on input from people who might want you to continue with flying training for their own reasons.
  2. Preparation: You will be able to prepare for or improve your performance so that you can approach the full ATO assessment with confidence.
  3. Experience: You will have experienced, in a relaxed training environment, the type of assessment process that you will encounter when you do the full ATO assessment.
  4. Recruitment: You will be accelerated through the ATO recruitment process as a result of holding an APC IA Certificate that indicates an ability to pass a full ATO assessment.

As a Club member, you can undergo the IA at any time you wish.  You will be able to take the IA in your home on a PC or tablet device without the need for any other equipment. The tests will take about 40 minutes to complete. The tests will explore your ability in the following areas: 

  • Applied maths 
  • Multi-tasking 
  • English Language Proficiency
  • Behavioral readiness to work as a pilot & alignment to core pilot behaviors 

The AON team have designed the system so that we get the right information without compromising the integrity of the final ATO assessment.

  1. Understanding & Using the Report

When you have completed your assessment, you will be given your APC IA Certificate and a Report. All reports will be available to APC. We will suggest how you should approach the next step in your Airline Pilot career. This may include suggestions as to how you can study and improve your performance if required. 

The cost of the first Indicative assessment will be included in your yearly membership-fee. Any subsequent assessment will be made available to you for a small additional cost and after a determined “cooling off” period of approximately3 months. 

When you have reached the right standard in the IA you will be able, with our help, to apply to an APC approved ATO. Through this process we will significantly improve your chances of being successful in your training and we will only guide you towards ATOs who have been quality-checked and verified by us. 

In the next Update, we will introduce you to our partner ATOs and we will focus on the Career Guidance aspect of the APC process. 

The Airline Pilot Cub  is where your Airline Pilot career really takes off!


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