Pegasus/Istanbul Crash Update

By David Hopwood | February 5, 2020

Pegasus/Istanbul Crash Update, by Travel Radar Correspondent David Hopwood

As a result of the Pegasus Airlines incident at Istanbul, Turkish Television is reporting that 52 people are hospitalised, and the injuries to the two pilots are severe.

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The Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office has begun an investigation. There remain no reported fatalities.

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Of the 177 injured, 155 are Turkish, four are American, four Chinese, three Iraqi, two Israeli and two from Kyrgyzstan.

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  • As of now, there are 3 fatalities confirmed. 3 remain in intensive care.

    My understanding of the last radio communication between ATC and the pilots is the following:

    Last landing traffic reported 37knot tailwind under 600ft and last 2 traffic before you went-around.
    -acknowledged by pilots.
    continue approach.
    wind 210 at 22 knots gusting 34 knots downwind.
    runway 06 cleared to land.
    -repeated by pilots.

    Link to the radio communication record circulating on social media:

    I reckon the official investigation will take months. I would definitely welcome an expert opinion by MentourPilot!

    • Correction: I believe wind direction was reported as 270 degrees. Hard to pick up on Turkish accent!

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