Delta Bans Navy Seal Who Killed Bin Laden, For Refusing to Wear a mask

By Travel Radar | August 21, 2020


Robert O’Neill has been banned from travelling onboard US based carrier, Delta Airlines, after he refused to wear a mask aboard a flight.


What Exactly Happened?

A former Navy SEAL famous for his part in the raid that killed Osama bin Laden, was banned by Delta Airlines after he refused to wear a mask aboard a flight and later took to Twitter ‘bragging’

Robert O’Neill, who says he fired the shot that killed bin Laden during the 2011 raid, was on board a flight on Wednesday 18 August, when he tweeted a selfie with the caption “I’m not a pussy.”

Unlike a fellow passenger in a US Marine Corps hat, and a flight attendant visible in the photo, O’Neill was not wearing a mask onboard the aircraft. O’Neill, who left the Navy in 2012 and works as a public speaker and Fox News contributor, deleted the tweet after about five hours.


Why was he banned?

Delta requires passengers to wear masks in the airport and on all flights unless they are quickly eating or drinking. The airline also said it would ban passengers who refuse to wear the face coverings onboard their services.

A spokesperson for Delta confirmed O’Neill’s ban: saying:

“Part of every customer’s commitment prior to traveling on Delta is the requirement to acknowledge our updated travel policies, which includes wearing a mask,” the spokesperson, Anthony Black, told Business Insider in an email. “Failure to comply with our mask-wearing mandate can result in losing the ability to fly Delta in the future.”

It is unsure whether the ban is for life, or just a temporary restriction during the pandemic.


What are your thoughts on O’Neill’s ban? Was it right for Delta to ban him from travelling – Let us know below.

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