Delta A220 Navigation FAILURE

By Luke Will | November 23, 2019

An Airbus A220-100 (Formerly known as the Bombardier CS100) belonging to Delta Airlines, suffered a navigation failure midnight on Friday (21st). The aircraft was over Salt Lake City, Utah, in the United States, when the crew were forced to divert due to the onboard issue.

Flight Number DL2665, from Denver Colorado, to Seattle Washington, operated by A220-100 registration N124DU, was cruising at 36,000ft when the flight-crew discovered problems with onboard navigation systems; After speaking with Air Traffic Control and the Delta Airlines Control Centre, the decision was made to divert the flight. Passengers onboard report the aircraft’s in-flight entertainment system, linked to the aircraft’s Flight Management System, displayed the change of route prior to announcement from the crew.

The plane diverted to Salt Lake City, where passengers deplaned onto another Delta A220 aircraft, after a tedious 5hr wait.

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