BREAKING: Qatar Ground Collision in Doha.

By David Hopwood | May 1, 2020

Extreme weather at Doha has pushed a parked Qatar Airways 787 into an A350 at 15h30 local time yesterday, 30 April 2020, with sources at the airport confirming the event.

Footage from the airport in daylight, show the two aircraft’s collision

This video shows the 787 being blown to the left and rolled a few metres into the parked Airbus A350 aircraft.

OTHH 301400Z 14016G39KT 110V180 7000 -TSRA SCT035 FEW040CB BKN100 33/18 Q1002 NOSIG

The ATIS for the weather at the time shows violent gusts of wind up-to 63knts, with local METAR meteorological data suggesting winds in a similar region.

An ATIS Information slip from the airport

We’ll update on the story as the latest news comes in. Travel Radar has reached out to Qatar Airways for a statement.

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