BREAKING: Busy Bee D228 Crashes

By Luke Will | November 24, 2019

News just in, that a Busy Bee D228 aircraft has crashed prior to takeoff. The Congo-based airline, Busy Bee, Dornier 228-200, registration 9S-GNH, was performing a scheduled flight from Goma to Beni with 17 passengers and 2 crew onboard when the incident occurred.

Upon takeoff roll, on Goma’s runway 17 at 09:10am local time, the aircraft did not manage to become airborne, impacting houses in the densely populated area of Birere – Slightly south of the runway. The aircraft quickly burst into flames causing 18 deaths of all souls onboard. It is also reported there are fatalities and injuries of those on the ground, near where the aircraft impacted.

There are currently two load sheets being distributed to the flight with discrepancies with one version stating 6 passengers onboard, and another version citing 11 passengers. However, both sheets specify the registration of the aircraft as 9S-GNH.


The governor of North Kivu Province, Kasivita stated the “aircraft missed its takeoff” and “cost the lives of our fellow countrymen”, before offering his condolences to those who have lost their lives.

So who are Busy Bee?

Busy Bee is a Congolese commercial airline based out of Goma, which (Like all other Congolese commercial carriers) is banned from operating flights within the European Union. The airline operates a fleet of all Dornier 228 aircraft and has regularly come under criticism for it’s “lax maintenance and safety records”.


Travel Radar has reached out to the airline for comment.

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  • Susan mandeville

    You just told us about the 80 knot point on take off! Guess they didn’t listen to you.

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