American Airlines Retire A330

By Jack Davie | October 22, 2020


American Airlines has added its Airbus A330-200s to the list of aircraft types it now plans to permanently retire due to demand erosion from the Covid-19 pandemic, the company said Thursday ahead of its third-quarter earnings call following a $2.4 billion loss.




A major step toward cutting costs and increasing efficiency was American’s retirement of 157 aircraft, including Boeing 757s and 767s, Embraer E190s, Airbus A330-300s, Bombardier CRJ-200s and other regional aircraft types, the carrier says.

Prior to the coronavirus pandemic, American Airlines operated a fleet of 24 Airbus A330s, including:

  • 15 A330-200s
  • Nine A330-300s

In late March American revealed it would retire its entire A330-300 fleet, and the airline is now taking a step further — American Airlines will retire its A330-200 fleet effective immediately.

These planes were previously supposed to be stored for the next couple of years, but will now be retired altogether.


  • 47 Boeing 777-200s, which are an average of about 20 years old
  • 20 Boeing 777-300s, which are an average of about six years old
  • 23 Boeing 787-8s, which are an average of about four years old
  • 22 Boeing 787-9s, which are an average of about three years old

In addition to this American Airlines has the following aircraft on order:

  • 50 Airbus A321XLRs, to be delivered between 2022 and 2025; this is a long haul narrow body aircraft that will be much needed after American retired the 757 and 767
  • 19 Boeing 787-8s, which will be used to replace some of the 767s and A330s that have been retired
  • 25 Boeing 787-9s, which will be used to replace some 777-200s, given how old they’re getting


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