Tigerair ceases operation after 13 years of service

By Travel Radar | September 12, 2020

It was confirmed earlier today that Australian based LCC (Low Cost Carrier) Tigerair has officially ceased operation after parent company, Virgin Australia, decided to close the carrier amid mounting troubles due to the worldwide Coronavirus Pandemic.

Cease of Operations Following 13 years of Operations

Tigerair confirmed the closure after the airline emailed customers overnight. In a statement, the airline said:

“There is no denying these are tough times for everyone in the travel and tourism industry. And sadly, after 13 years of operations, we have made the difficult decision to discontinue the Tigerair Australia brand. Since our very first flight on 23 November 2007 from Melbourne to the Gold Coast, we’ve provided affordable air travel to more than 30 million customers across Australia.”

Earlier in August of this year, shortly following the sale of parent airline Virgin Australia, new owner Bain Capital announced the brand would be temporarily stood-down until such a time there was, again,  customer demand. This led to further speculation that the brand would be entirely retired all together.

Following the cessation of services, it has been confirmed that customers who had already bought tickets onboard Tigerair flights will be able to use these on alternative flights operated by Virgin Australia.

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