Global Warming may CLOSE Greenland’s Airport

By Luke Will | November 28, 2019

Climate Change has became a prevalent factor criticising the aviation industry, with climate protestors from Extinction Rebellion (XR) turning to airport disruption as a form of protest and a growing change by airlines to unveil carbon-neutrality plans. However, for northernly-situated country Greenland, the stakes have increased as it was announced this week that climate change now threatens the main airport on the island. The permafrost, which is a deep layer of frozen ground underneath the airport, is slowly thawing. This is causing movements of the runways and cracks which threatens the safe operation of the airport.

Greenland is planning to construct 3 new airports, further inland, to deal with the closure of Kangerlussuaq Airport. the new airports will be partly funded and owned by the Danish Airforce and are planned to be operational around 2023 which should make the transition from the old airport quite smooth. The new airports will be built initially in Nuuk andI lulissat and will have runways around 2200m long to be able to handle most international traffic.

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