Finnair Set to Axe 700 Jobs Amidst Pandemic Distress

By Travel Radar | October 21, 2020


Further disappointing news for the airline industry today, as Finnish-Flag Carrier, Finnair, has completed the co-operation process started this September, on its plans to reduce up to 1,000 jobs, to make other structural changes and to implement additional temporary layoffs due to the impacts of the Coronavirus Pandemic on the sector.


Why are 700 jobs being axed?

Due to the dramatic market changes caused by the pandemic, Finnair has been forced to cut approximately 600 jobs in Finland.


The redundancies will be implemented by the end of March 2021. The co-operation process concerned all Finnair employees in Finland except for cabin and cockpit crew, altogether approximately 2800 employees.


Similar discussions have been held outside Finland, and redundancies outside Finland amount to approximately 100 jobs. In total, Finnair currently employs approximately 6.500 employees.


In addition to the redundancies, Finnair continues temporary layoffs impacting most of its employees in Finland. For many, the temporary layoffs may continue for a long time as the recovery of aviation will take several years according to the industry estimates.


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