EasyJet set to run CARBON NEUTRAL flights!

By Stephen Stacey | November 20, 2019
UK based budget airline operator, EasyJet, have today announced that they aim to become the first major airline to operate its entire network as net-zero carbon flights.
This news comes just after EasyJet revealed that they are expecting to end the year with profits meeting exact expectations.
Speaking publicly, the carrier said:
“Carbon offsetting is only an interim measure while new technologies come into development, so the airline will continue to support innovative technology, including the development of hybrid and electric planes, working with others across the industry to reinvent and decarbonize aviation over the long term. The aim will be for EasyJet to reduce the amount of carbon offsetting undertaken as new technologies emerge.”
Carbon offsetting is a way of companies providing financial investment within projects, that helps reduce emissions. The projects can work from the simplest, for example planting trees, right up to significant engineering projects such as renewable energy sources, and stretch as far as Commercial Airlines and the aviation industry.
EasyJet’s program will cost an estimated £25 million; However, the company’s Chief Executive has acknowledged that more long term measures should be implemented, and that offsetting is only an interim measure.
Other carriers such as BA will begin carbon offsetting all domestic flights from 2020; For there long haul flights, BA plans on leaving the offsetting to the customer,  by simply offering a carbon offset calculator and a wide variety of offset schemes – Such as re-forestation.
Environmental groups have a strong feeling towards the general public flying less to combat carbon emissions. Greenpeace has already been in contact with EasyJet to voice their opinion. The email reads:
This is jumbo-size greenwash from EasyJet. There’s nothing zero-carbon about their aeroplanes. Expert analysis has cast serious doubts about whether offsetting schemes work at all. There’s no climate leadership in asking someone somewhere else to pollute less or plant more trees so you can carry on as before.
If EasyJet wants to do their bit to tackle the climate emergency, they should back a frequent-flier levy that will cut the number of flights and the climate-wrecking emissions they pump out.
What do you think about the Net Zero project? Is it possible to make flights carbon offset? Let us know in the comments below!

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