Business Jet Slid Off Runway at Chicago Executive Airport

By Travel Radar | October 24, 2020


A private jet aircraft has been confirmed as sliding off the runway overnight at the Chicago Executive Airport in northwest suburban Wheeling in the US state of Chicago.


The Incident in Full

No one was injured on Wednesday night this week (22 October) when a small private-jet aircraft slid off a runway at Chicago Executive Airport in Wheeling and crashed into a light pole at the edge of the runway.


The Learjet went off the end of Runway 30 about 11 p.m., pushing through a fence and damaging multiple lights, FAA spokeswoman Elizabeth Cory said in an email.


Firefighters responded and found the plane leaking fuel, according to Prospect Heights Fire Protection District Battalion Chief Mark Oeltgen. Oeltgen also provided a short confirmation to saying:

“The leak was stopped and there were no hospital transports.”


The FAA hasn’t determined a cause of the crash, but it was raining in the Chicago area at the time which is thought to be part of the incident. A full report following investigation, is set to be released shortly – We will bring this to you as we receive it.


Is this a common occurrence? Mentour explains:

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