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By Wajeeh Qureshi | April 23, 2020

Nolinor Aviation has been operating specialized charter flights across North America for almost three decades now. The Quebec-based carrier offers fly-in-fly-out, cargo, and charter services; all of which are especially relevant now as many airlines have ramped up repatriation efforts


Boeing 737-33A | © Heads Up Aviation

Nolinor began operations in 1992, initially operating passenger flights between Dorval and Schefferville. It quickly expanded services across Canada, the United States and some international locations. But following a corporate reshuffle in 1999, when Jacques Prud’homme assumed duties as Director of Operations, the company vision shifted towards its commercial charter services; subsequently getting maintenance certification and its very first cargo plane. 

Since then, the airline hasn’t looked back. It quickly grew to become Canada’s largest private charter flights operator and has bagged gold twice in the annual SME awards for the Laval-North Western Québec region.

Nolinor’s Distinct Fleet

Complete Fleet | © Nolinor Aviation

The airline employs a unique mix of Boeing 737s (rarely seen these days) and Convair 580s, for freight and/or passenger flights. It aims to facilitate sports clubs and cultural groups, with its sole Boeing 737-300 series, giving them the option of flying in either economy or executive class.

Impressively, the carrier has kept its ageing Boeing 737 fleet up to date with the latest avionics and also armed them with gravel-runway kits, allowing them to fly to remote locations and mining sites. 

It recently announced launching training simulators for the aircraft in its hub in Mirabel. Marco Prud’Homme, Vice President of Nolinor Aviation, states, 

This unique centre is a significant investment that will generate many opportunities for Nolinor. Among other things, bringing these simulators closer to our operations in Mirabel will help reduce training costs

Combating COVID-19

Logo | © Nolinor Aviation

The challenges posed by COVID-19 have provided Nolinor the opportunity to repatriate citizens and transport key supplies to frontline workers. Just recently, it flew one of its Boeing 737-200s to rescue Canadians from Morocco. 

Nolinor Aviation’s versatile and quality services have made it a significant player in the charter flights industry. Its robust fleet, expert pilots, and ability to work on gravel and ice strips, gives it an edge over other regional operators.

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