A Tumultuous Year!

By David Hopwood | February 21, 2020

By any measure, this decade was revolutionary and in many ways chaotic. But it was highly significant in aviation!

One year, in particular, is remembered as representative of the period, but which?

Can you guess? Even if you weren’t around, you’ll probably recognise it. Here’s some visual clues. For more challenge, don’t use the web…

This enters service with the Royal Air Force.

© Javier Rodriguez

This man steps down as president of France







These protests occurred in the USA.


The Beatles release this album


This takes its first flight


The first communications are sent through this network



This man scores his 1000th goal


He becomes the 37th president of the United States




This enters commercial service

© White House photo office

…and this happens…


Answers tomorrow. How many did you get?


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