United 787 Evacuated in Newark Due to Bomb Threat

By Luke Will | August 10, 2020

News has surfaced this morning over a United Airlines Boeing 787 Dreamliner being evacuated at Newark Airport following a bomb-threat. It is believed that after arriving at Newark Liberty International Airport (IATA: EWR), the aircraft was surrounded by airport busses and emergency services whilst passengers were disembarked promptly from the aircraft using airstairs.

The United Airlines 787-10 was on a scheduled flight from LAX | © Unknown via Twitter

So what happened?

The incident happened aboard a Boeing 787-10 dreamliner, registered N12012, which was operating United #2304 from Los Angeles International (LAX), during an onboard medical emergency. It is believed the passenger onboard made a remark presenting a potential security concern. In a statement to Travel Radar, United Airlines said:

“United flight 2304 from Los Angeles to Newark, NJ was met by emergency vehicles due to an onboard medical emergency. During the medical emergency onboard, the passenger made a remark which created a potential security concern. The flight landed safely and the customer was transported to a local hospital”

Upon landing, aircraft luggage was lined up on the tarmac and inspected by specialist K9 units, whilst authorities ensured there was substance to the threat made by the passenger. A spokesperson for the Port Authority of New York & New Jersey also confirmed the incident stating that “the crew reported one of the passengers had made a threat”

Bags from the flight were inspected by K9 police units | © The Lakewood Scoop

The severity of threats

Since the tragedy of 9/11, aviation security has been sharply increased and any threat to an aircraft is taken with the utmost severity. Passengers who make threats to an aircraft’s safety evoke a reguarlrly rehearsed and prepared sequence including promptly landing the aircraft and a secure disembarkation taking place.

It is currently unclear whether the comment onboard United 2304 was made in displeasure or jest of the medical incident taking place onboard, but security personnel are trained to take no risks with aircraft safety. United have not yet provided further comment on the incident other than no customers or crew-members were injured from the incident.

We will continue to update as we receive information.

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