The World is Opening up Again but UK Quarantine Threatens to Keep Some Countries Closed to British Holidaymakers

By Valery Collins | June 17, 2020

The Spanish Steps in Rome, Italy Credit: Valery Collins

The British Government introduced  quarantine for all arrivals in the UK on June 8th.  It was just five days after Italy re-opened its borders to all foreign visitors without the need to quarantine on arrival.  British Airways, Easyjet and Ryanair have started a legal challenge of the measures that require two weeks’ self-isolation as it is yet another blow for the aviation industry.

Many fear UK travellers may have reciprocal quarantine arrangements imposed on them.  The creation of air bridges could be a way around this.

Air Bridges

Sintra in Portugal Credit: Valery Collins

The Government is currently considering the introduction of air bridges.  An air bridge or travel corridor would allow visitors to enter specific countries without the need for quarantine.  And some may become effective by the end of June.  The creation of an air bridge depends on the rate of infection from the coronavirus in the countries concerned.  According to reports, talks between Portugal and the UK are going well.  An air bridge between the two countries could be in place by the end of June.

For would-be holidaymakers, the continually changing situation presents a nightmare of uncertainty.   Two new resources have been created that will help travellers plan their trips.

The Dolomites in Italy Credit: Valery Collins

Re-Open EU Website

The European Commission has recommended Schengen member states lift all internal border controls this week.  These countries plan to welcome International travellers from July 1st.  However, the UK has opted out of the open-border Schengen Agreement.  It retains control over non-EU citizens from Schengen countries.  The UK ‘left’ the EU in January 2020.  But it will remain a member during the transitional period.  So, it could be a party to any European Union agreement on the re-opening of borders.   Spain is very keen on developing a joint EU policy.  They have made it clear they will continue to impose quarantine on UK travellers after the end-date, June 21st.

As part of the initiative to get people travelling within Europe, the EU has established a website,  Re-open EU, so holidaymakers can check which borders are open.  This website has information relating to member countries regarding restrictions at their borders.

The Timatic Database

Mallorca in Spain Credit: Valery Collins

IATA (the International Air Transport Association) has created an online interactive map of the world recording up to date Covid-19 entry regulations for each country.  The Timatic Databaseis updated over 200 times a day to ensure the information is accurate.  It has been designed for the current pandemic situation.  And it contains comprehensive information on documentation required for international travel for each country.

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