Missing Chilean C-130 Update

By David Hopwood | December 12, 2019

Following the loss of contact with a Chilean Air Force C-130 Hercules late on Monday, search crews have today found floating aircraft debris, personal items and human remains.

The Hercules was en route from the southernmost Chilean city of Punta Arenas to the Antarctic base on King George Island with 38 people on board. The Chilean vessel Antarctic Endeavour located the debris approximately 40 kilometres from the aircraft’s last known position.

Last Known Position and Location of Debris. Image courtesy Chilean Air Force

Argentina, Brazil, the UK and Uruguay assisted with the aerial search. Satellite images have been provided by the US and Israel.

Debris recovered includes the remains of internal fuel tank sponges, part of the landing gear, a wheel and part of the fuselage. A Brazilian polar vessel has also recovered personal items and wreckage. The debris has yet to be positively confirmed as belonging to the missing aircraft but there is no other likely explanation.

It now seems unlikely that there are any survivors.

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