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We Must Land NOW!! The Incredible Story of Singapore Airlines Flight 319

Two Aircraft. Two sets of crews and passengers who are all travelling somewhere for a purpose. Maybe they have plans to visit relatives or going on a work trip or maybe this is just a regular day on the job. No matter what the circumstances are...

“We Can’t CONTROL the Aircraft!!” S7 Airlines flight 5220

For many people, becoming a pilot is a life-long dream. To be able to touch the clouds and feel that awesome raw power of the engines surging through you on a daily basis is something that they just have to achieve. 
Imagine being a pilot, sitting in the cockpit of an airliner at 31 000 feet when suddenly, a colleague you are giving a ride to, surges forward and starts trying to shut down your aircrafts engines! This is exactly what happened to Alaska Airlines flight 2059

“We Can’t Control the ENGINES!” The Nightmare of Cathay flight 780

Accidents happen for a variety of reasons but in almost every case, the root cause can be traced back to something very benign, a small mistake that someone made, sometimes weeks or even months before the accident. In this video about Cathay flight 780...

Seconds from IMPACT! The Story of United Airlines flight 1722

When you have a plan in your head of something you need do it can make life easier in most cases. It creates a path through various challenges and obsticles that may arise as you move forward. But what happens when an unknown variable gets inserted into that plan.
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The END of GPS for Aviation?! Spoofing At Work

Why are these pilots getting terrain warnings while cruising at 37,000 feet? I have talked about GPS jamming in other videos, but what you see here is more complicated than that – and it can sometimes affect more aircraft systems than just the GPS. How?
Does Boeing have a culture problem? Does Spirit, Boeing’ supplier, have a similar problem? And what does their relationship tell us about the recent Alaska 737 MAX-9 blow-out, and the production of the 737 in general?

The END of Airport Towers as we Know Them?!

What exactly are Remote Control Towers? Could they actually replace control towers as we know them? And is this really a good idea? In this video I will go through some of the history behind existing Air Traffic Control Towers...

WHAT Is going ON with Boeing?! MAX-9 Door blowout

The passengers of this Alaska Airlines 737 MAX-9 suddenly saw a section of wall in their cabin fall OUT of the aircraft, just minutes after their flight took off. HOW can such a thing be possible? Is this another problem in the 737 MAX family?

Are US Low-Cost Airlines in REAL Trouble?!

After a lot of furloughs and staff shortages at the airlines and airports, the airline industry in the United States and elsewhere is finally showing some promising signs of recovery – even if some problems remain. But what about Low-Cost and Ultra Low-Cost Carriers? Are they recovering in the same way, or… are they actually in trouble, and if so… why?
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