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A SINGLE Disastrous Error! TAM flight 3054

Tam Airlines flight 3054 left with 187 passengers for Sao Paulo, Brazil. Upon arrival, a mixture of poor weather conditions and a simple human error leads to a catastrophe that will go down in aviation history.

A Decimal Point Decided the Fate of These Passengers… | Varig Flight 254

“Ladies and gentlemen, we have no idea where we are!” These are probably the last words you want to hear from your pilots and yet, but a variation of this is exactly what the passengers of Varig flight 254 were about to hear...
A gear-up landing, followed by dual engine failure - Two of the most rare emergencies in the modern airline world combined in ONE flight…..Aircraft today are miraculous machines, built specifically to warn pilots and stop things like this from happening...

A FREAK Coincidence?! Tap Air Portugal flight 754

One of the most time-critical decisions a pilot will ever take under normal circumstances is to reject a landing at low altitude. It requires instant decision making, great handling skills and timing.....but what if the aircraft then refuses to follow the pilots commands

A NEW Trace! The FULL MH370 Story, so Far..

How can a Boeing 777, one of the biggest and most modern aircraft in the world, just vanish without a trace...? ...It can’t......EVERYTHING LOST...... leaves a trace.
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Boeing Desperately needs a New Leader, but WHO?!

WHO will replace Dave Calhoun as the next CEO of Boeing? Will this person help Boeing start its recovery, or… are we going to see the company continue sleepwalking along the same path? In this video I will look at some possible CEO candidates, and I will also explain WHY the timing of the change to the new CEO, is a big headache in itself.
When it entered service, the #A380 earned the title of the world’s largest airliner – and from the start, passengers LOVED it. But, Airbus lost money with every one of the 251 A380s they sold… and they stopped making them BEFORE #Boeing stopped making the 747, the type that the A380 should have replaced.

Whistleblowers Vs Boeing: What Happened?

What are whistleblowers and how important are they for the aviation industry, and… why is it that Boeing and its suppliers have so many of them lately? Well, we definitely live in a world where whistleblowers are necessary but recently, we tend to hear about them for the wrong reasons.

Boeing’s Downfall – Before the McDonnell Douglas Merger

Boeing today seems to be going from crisis to crisis, with its reputation in tatters and the press and much of the public reacting any time something happens to a Boeing aircraft – even if one of the pilots just SNEEZES wrongly.

Is PILOT PAY Affecting Green Aviation!?

Is pilot pay threatening to KILL the future of electric or hydrogen-powered aircraft?
A lot of companies out there are working on aircraft designs that will use some sort of renewable power source. So, what obstacles are they facing, and… what do pilot salaries even have TO DO with it??
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