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Alitalia; What’s Next?

Quite a few full-service airlines are in difficulties at the moment. We’ve reported on the trials and tribulations of just a few that are staggering on, including Air India and Flybe. Others that have probably disappeared for good include AtlasGlobal and Air Italy....


Airbus A330-800 Receives FAA and EASA Certification

Earlier, we had reported on how and why the Airbus A330neo is such an intriguing aircraft in Airbus’ lineup of sophisticated airplanes. In a latest report from the FAA and EASA, the US and European regulators have certified the smallest of the Airbus A330neo model,...


News Roundup; Week #3 of 2020

  What made our aviation news this last week? Here’s a roundup of the main items for last week, from Monday 10th to Sunday 16th February 2020. The coronavirus continues to spread around the world, and the effects on commercial aviation were profound. Airbus closed,...


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