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DEADLY Attitude! The Truly Shocking story of Pakistan Airlines 8303

A gear-up landing, followed by dual engine failure - Two of the most rare emergencies in the modern airline world combined in ONE flight…..Aircraft today are miraculous machines, built specifically to warn pilots and stop things like this from happening...

A FREAK Coincidence?! Tap Air Portugal flight 754

One of the most time-critical decisions a pilot will ever take under normal circumstances is to reject a landing at low altitude. It requires instant decision making, great handling skills and timing.....but what if the aircraft then refuses to follow the pilots commands
How can a Boeing 777, one of the biggest and most modern aircraft in the world, just vanish without a trace...? ...It can’t......EVERYTHING LOST...... leaves a trace.

Boeing 737MAX BlowOut!! The Scandal behind Alaska Airlines flight 1282

Imagine, one second you are sitting happily in your aircraft seat, maybe watching a movie or chatting with your friends and then, all of a sudden, you are staring straight out through a gaping hole in the cabin as your aircraft starts rapidly descending down towards the ground below.

The Pilots had NO Idea! The Super-Strange Story of Air France flight 011

Have you ever been in a situation where you are expecting something to happen, so much thatyou react to that thing, even though something else or even nothing is going on? Well, now imagine that you are sitting in the cockpit of an airliner on approach.
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WHY are Airlines STEALING each others Airplanes??!

Recent reports say that some airlines are getting really aggressive, trying to “steal” leased jets from each other! WHY? Does this mean that we are running out of aircraft? Why would this happen and… can we fix it?!
At the moment, we basically have a duopoly between the aviation industry’s two biggest players: Boeing and Airbus. So, is there anyone out there that could change this? How easy is it for a new manufacturer to threaten the dominance of these two giants? 

Is Airbus HELPING Boeing?!

Can Airbus help, in Boeing’s Recovery? We know that Boeing desperately need to get their house back in… some kind of order, and at the same time their headaches and finances mean that they struggle to compete with Airbus, both in terms of sales and in the prospect of designing new aircraft, any time soon.

Airlines WEIGHT SHAMING?! And TUI flight 7226 Serious Incident, Explained.

Has this happened to you? Sometimes, airlines or airport authorities announce that they will be weighing passengers, before boarding. And this isn’t always voluntary.

Is the Boeing 737MAX Really Unstable?! The 737 Engine Saga

If you look at the original engines and engine nacelles of the 737, and compare them with those of the 737 MAX, the difference is… impressive. So, WHY did the engines and their installation on the 737 evolve in this way? And is it really true that the placement of the 737 MAX engines make the...
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