Mentour Pilot

Single Pilot Cockpit Quiz

#1 At what maximum takeoff weight is it required to fly with a minimum of two pilots?

#2 What does NMA stand for?

#3 Who are the two biggest competitors to the NMA?

#4 Which aircraft is the NMA set to, primarily, replace?

#5 What does Mentour see as the most challenging part of the technology needed for 1-pilot cockpits?

#6 How many pillows was in this weeks video?

#7 Have you checked out the Aviation training books available in the store

#8 Will you go and participate in the Mentour Aviation app discussion-forum about today’s video?

#9 How many kilos is 12500 pounds?

#10 What 3 primary reasons does Mentour have for ruling out 1-pilot cockpits, at the moment?

#11 What passenger segment is the new Boeing 797 likely to fill?





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