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Runway Excursion Quiz



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#1 What are the 3 phases of a landing called?

#2 When is it no longer allowed to execute a go around?

#3 What does a “No blame policy for go-around” mean?

#4 What is the formula for calculating aqua-planning (hydro planning)?

#5 What is the correct threshold crossing altitude?

#6 What is the factor used to calculate the “Dispatch landing calculation”

#7 How long air-distance is included in the calculated landing distance?

#8 What is the approximate N1 reverse thrust value we get from the first interlock reverse thrust on the Boeing 737

#9 Why does Mentour think we still see Runway excursions happening

#10 Which Mentour Merch would you want the most?

#11 How much discount do you get on the annual fee of brilliant if you use Mentour’s discount code?

#12 What is the correct call from PM when the speed brake automatically activated?

#13 How many % of extra runway do we use for each knot higher speed than calculated?

#14 What is the latest point to be stabilized on approach in Mentour’s company?

#15 Did Patxi manage to catch the bug in the end?



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