Second Officer Membership

5.00 / month


By unlocking a Cadet Membership, you’ll earn the following perks:

  • Support Mentour Pilot
  • Invite to exclusive Supporters Discord with Second Officer Role
  • Free News Updates
  • Unlocked Free Quizzes
  • Access to Free, Member Only Online Courses (if applicable)
  • Reduced price access to Member Only Online Seminars




Hi, my friends!

By now you know what I am doing on YouTube and I am hoping you really like it. I have started this membership system alongside my Patreon in order to give you guys an opportunity to contribute to the success of the channel.

I will never ask you guys to pay for my videos but in order for me to do more cool stuff like visit schools, hire simulators or buy equipment I will need your help.

You can choose to contribute with as little or as much as you like, I will still continue to work on the channel but If you DO choose to contribute, you will have a direct impact on the quality of the channel and the content.

Thank you guys for your support!