Mentour Pilot

Go-around Quiz



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#1 What is the most common reason for Go-arounds?

#2 What are the correct initial actions for a go-around?

#3 Is it dangerous to execute a go-around?

#4 How many actual go-arounds does an average pilot do per year?

#5 What does the phrase Go-around come from?

#6 Approximately how much thrust/Vertical speed will reduced go around thrust give you?

#7 How can you use the TOGA switches to get Full go-around thrust?

#8 What is a runway incursion.

#9 What is the correct pilot prioritization?

#10 What is the correct flap setting in case of a go around SINGLE ENGINE?

#11 Who is the sponsor for this episode and what discount will you get from the link?

#12 Have you noticed that has a web-shop now?

#13 When will the captain give a passenger PA?

#14 What headsets did Mentour and his First Officer use in the video

#15 What is the lowest visibility and normal minima during a Cat 1 ILS?



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