I get a notification from the app and I can’t find it OR I’m not taken straight to the info mentioned in the push?

You can ALWAYS find all the latest push notifications in the “Push Notifications” video description in the HOME menu. We will always publish all News and links in there, in Chronological order. You will have to hop the mobile device in vertical mode to see the pushes.

The app is not a news-app primarily. We provide news updates and flashes when we can and have time. The Pushes will navigate you to either of 3 three different places. To the HOME menu if the push is regarding new content in the app or commercial, to the CHAT if it’s news or incidents or to the FORUM’s if it’s regarding a trending issue.

We are looking into creating a NEWS section as well but that will come in future updates.

ANDROID: I have purchased a collection in the app but cannot play any of the videos or only parts are playing?

The App was created with all different Android devices in mind. Android devices comes in thousands of different forms and all of them have different capabilities in hardware and software. For that reason we have uploaded all 360 material in THREE different resolutions. If you purchase a collection or video, and it won’t play, go to SETTINGS 👉 Downloaded videos, and delete the download. Then download the same video again, using a lower resolution.

If there are still problems, make sure you have a stable internet connection and verify that you have enough memory availible on your device MAIN memory. Each 360 video is around 400mb.

Also remember that you can only download the videos from inside of the Collection you have bought. If you try and download the same video, by itself, it will ask for you to pay again. Also, make sure you don’t buy the same videos in several collections. The “All in one” collection covers ALL 360 videos produced.

To save memory you can delete the video after watching. Once you have bought the video it is yours and you can delete and download it as many times as you want. 

Can I download the videos and watch them on my PC or desktop?

At the moment that is NOT possible. The videos on the app are encrypted and by making sure that they are only available on mobile devices, inside the app, we can protect them from being dowloaded and shared illegally.

You CAN watch the video on tablets which has the app downloaded. As soon as you log in using the same credentials as you used to purchase the video, they are availible for download on multiple devices (Max 3)

The app is promoting me for PREMIUM subscription, what is that?

The app is and will continue to be completely FREE to download and use. In order for Mentour 360 to cover costs and continue to develop the app we have provided a PREMIUM subscription which will unlock additional features inside the app. These are:

  • Access to streamable EXTRA material from Mentour and (eventually) other Youtubers. These videos will consist of short Vlogs and material that is a bit more technical or sensitive than what is shown on Youtube. There is no need to download these videos, you can stream them directly from the app.

  • The ability to ask questions in the APP livestreams that will happen from time to time in the app. Everyone can watch the Livestream but only PREMIUM users can ask questions and chat with the person streaming.
  • Full access to user information such as flight time, likes, schools and other info that the users have chosen to show.
  • Likely more future capabilities as well, feel free to suggest (use Submit feedback from SETTINGS)!
The app has a bug or lacks features I would like to see!

There is a “submit feedback” function in SETTINGS that you can use to send feedback directly to the owner. Please take screenshots etc and send them with the message to explain the issue. Most issues can be solved by simply restarting the app or, if it happens after download, delete the app and download it again from the store.

If i buy the “All in One” collection, will that include all future content as well?

No, the “All in One” collection contains all 360 content produced for the app up until summer 2019. All new content after that will be bought separately or included as streamable content in the app.

If I get the PREMIUM subscription, will that give me unlimited access to ALL material in the app?

No, the PREMIUM subscription will give you access to a lot of the new material that is being produced. Some of the older COLLECTIONS will only be availible as purchased collections. From time to time, we might let some of the content in the Collections come out as streamable content for a limited time.

I find the Push notifications really annoying or I don’t want to know about aviation incidents or accidents, what can I do?

 In the SETTINGS of the app, you can set up exactly what types of pushes you want to receive from the app. To stay in touch with news we strongly advice you to keep a few of the titles open. If you turn off ALL notifications you will still be notified when another user tags you (@name) in the chat or Forums. If you don’t want ANY push notification. You can go to your device settings and turn off notifications of the app, but then you won’t get much out of the social parts of the app.

How can I “respond” or “like” or “report” a message in the app?

If you push and hold a message you will enter a Menu where you can choose which action you want to take. If you want to Report a message which you find is breaking the app guidelines, we strongly advice you to also go to the “submit feedback” and send a message, telling us what have happened and in what context so we can decide if the user should be banned or only warned.

A “Like” will count towards that users total LIKE count and help her/him to upgrade towards higher status in the app.

Some users have “wings” under their profiles and some only have rings. Sometimes they differ in colour, why is that?

The app will divide users into Professional pilots (If they choose to “identify as pilot”) during the profile setup stage. Those users will have wings. We strongly advice only users who are in flight training or active pilots to choose this option. Simulator pilots do not qualify at this stage. Users who do not identify as pilots will have rings around their profile picture.

When a user interacts and helps out in the chat and forums they will be rewarded with “Likes” by other users. As the Like-count increases past pre-determined levels the users will upgrade to “Silver”, “Gold” or “Platinum” status.

So a user with a different colour than blue has been very active and helpful in the app previously, listen to them!

I see some users have profile pictures, how can I get one?

As soon as you start using the app you should go to SETTINGS 👉 PROFILE and set up your own personal profile. Add a nice profile picture and tell us a bit about yourself as well as experience, flight schools (if applicable) etc. The more you fill in, the happier we will be.

Can I send Direct messages to another user?

At the moment we don’t have any direct, secret, message availible. But if a user has elected for their email address to be “visible” in their profile, you can click the little “envelope” sign under their profile picture in their profile and that will open up an email to that person.

Do you store my data and can I remove my account if I want?

We comply to the fullest with European GDPR laws. Your data is stored in an Amazon Firebase server and is protected by all the might of Amazon. We don’t store any other data about you unless you choose to opt in to our email list. If you choose to delete your account, all data will be deleted within 2 weeks of your request since it has to be done manually.

What happens if I don’t comply with the app’s terms and conditions?

We take all breaches of terms and conditions very seriously. This app is supposed to be a haven where only positive and constructive conduct is allowed. If we find any abuse, be it of racial, gender, age or any other background, we hold the right to permanently ban any user from the app. The ban is completely decided by the App owner and any purchases made by this user will be considered forfeited in this case.

Please report any abuse to us using the “Submit feedback” function as soon as possible. Also “report” the messages by clicking and holding the message and select “report” from the sub menu.

I am only interested in some FORUM topics and Videos, how can I find them?

In the Main menu there is a “SEARCH” function. This will find any video you might be interested in, both availible for download or chosen Youtube videos.

In the main FORUM page, in the top left corner, there is a Search icon. If you use that, it will filter forums for the topic you are interested in.

I am looking for a flight school or someone attending that flight school at the moment to ask for advice, how can I find users to talk to?

In the app there are more than 20 000 users. Some of them are attending flight schools, right now, from all parts of the world. If you go to the SEARCH function and search for “Flight school contacts” you will find a video called exactly that. The video will give you some tips about finding schools but the REAL GOLD is in the video description. We have listed the nickname of all students, who are willing to talk about their school in there. They are listed based on country and flight school name, just scroll through, write down the name, and tag them in the chat (@nickname)! Be aware that it might take some time for them to respond sometimes, they might not have used the app for a while.