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Crosswind takeoff exam



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#1 At what speed, approximately, will the rudder become aerodynamically effective?

#2 At what crosswind component does Mentour’s company prohibit use of assumed temperature derate?

#3 Why do Boeing 737 pilots apply slight forward pressure on the yoke, during initial stages of takeoff?

#4 Who was the sponsor for this episode?

#5 What are the 3 different “fixed de-rates” available on the Boeing 737-800

#6 How many units of aileron deflection is allowed during takeoff, before spoiler deflection?

#7 How many dogs was in this episode?

#8 How many degrees per second is the correct rotation rate during severe crosswind?

#9 What is “cross-controls”?

#10 Can you control the nosewheel with the rudder pedals?

#11 At what amount of crosswind will the captain do the takeoff, in Mentour’s company, when flying with an inexperienced FO?

#12 To what attitude does the Boeing 737-800 initially rotate to, during takeoff?

#13 Should you share this quiz and episode on social media?

#14 What’s the color of the pillow to the right of Mentour, in the sofa?


#15 How many steps were explained in this video?



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