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Why do Airlines tollerate disruptive/drunk passengers?  



As the summer months progress once more the media will happily cover the many generally horrific incidents of usually drunk and uncontrolled disruptive passengers causing chaos in the cabin with anti-social behaviour and in some cases fighting, as in the following link:

Clearly (IMHO) there is a competing demand from alcohol sales at the bars in airport lounges (they want their cut of the holidaymaker's wallet) versus the safety implications to the other passengers, cabin crew and the aircraft itself from those people that seem incompatible with aviation in any form.

Some claim medication interaction or fear of flying but in my non-expert opinion a slightly stronger backbone is required at the gate and aircraft door to reject those PAX who are boisterous and apparently too drunk to fly. Yes, I know the hassle in unloading luggage and bumping PAX attempting to retain their future custom. Added to this some low-cost airlines specially appeal to the budget-passenger that seem to define their travel happiness by blood-alcohol and noise level.

I am not personally in favour of a dry flight, I've enjoyed many thousands of miles at altitude with red wine and brandies, but happily know when I feel altered enough to stop and switch to water/fruit juices. Many others can not, peer-pressure and altitude may have effects that people should allow for by drinking less.

But it was only last year that the first drunken passenger who assaulted a flight attendant was jailed in the UK.

The laws are in place already, the incidents quite common enough that there is plenty of opportunity to select example cases to refuse boarding, prosecute seeking fines and cost damages for rerouting, and then jail sentences to fully drive the message home that being drunk/disruptive on a plane has serious consequences that will be experienced and not just another red-faced attendant issuing ignored requests to quieten down.

If you need a question, why don't airlines act to stop this. they have the legal powers and popular support of +95% of well behaved PAX?

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Well, this behavior is not tolerated in Australia. Planes have landed at alternate airports for police to offload them. And last week two women were arguing with the flight attendant over their overhead luggage before takeoff and the police were called in to evict them both.


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