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What do pilots consider fun/boring after many years?  


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03/08/2019 10:52 pm  

As everyone knows a job becomes more boring after many years of always doing the same thing. This is also related to pilots. As an aviation geek I have always wondered, what do pilots in general still find fun after many years of experience? Or the opposite might also be interesting, what parts of the job make you dislike your career choice more?



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Devin Madren
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11/11/2019 11:52 pm  

I currently work at an FBO with the short term goal of learning as much as I can about the corporate and luxury private side of aviation, before I commit to applying for the loans required to complete my commercial flight training. I am not a professional pilot, so I can only speculate on the boring tasks or mundane and routine responsibilities of the corporate and private piloting world. 

I have seen pilots who get off their aircraft with huge smiles on their faces and a cheery attitude, and I have seen grumpy and tired pilots that step off with little enthusiasm if I get a greeting at all. I have come to notice that some of the most irritating things some of these guys go through are some of the simplest tasks to complete correctly. Many of these are not even the responsibility of the pilots themselves hence why they have so many errors. 

These include hotel booking, car rentals, and baggage restrictions. I have seen the large charter companies not even book a hotel, or a car rental for their pilots. During a late ops, I have taken pilots to their hotel in my own car a half hour away to their hotel because their company never reserved one for them and the rental office is closed. I have seen pilots have to sleep at the airport numerous times simply because their company or family they work for didnt reserve a hotel during the busy ski season and everyone was booked. I have witnessed pilots get an ass chewing by passengers because the catering company forgot to make them their food and the plane was on a quick turn-around with no time to wait for a rushed catering order. And lastly, I have seen people try to overload a King-air and other small aircraft horrendously. Watching pilots try to squeeze every last bit of real estate in the cargo bay full all while trying to maintain a time schedule and a safe weight and balance.

All of these things seem to be very routine annoyances that can wear down on the mind especially during long days with multiple legs. I'm sure these things are not the norm for most airline pilots but they are very common and real for the private and corporate guys. 

Cheers from a Line-tech to be Pilot,


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