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Don't try to recover from a non-existent stall (Atlas Giant 5391 Interim Report and Blancolirio review)  


Terry Wilson
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13/01/2020 9:42 am  

In February of last year, A 767 freighter mysteriously dove into the ground and one of the first things that investigators discovered is that there was nothing wrong with the plane prior to it hitting the ground.  The issues with the pilots are hardly simple and it does appear that the first officer might have chosen the wrong career.  There are over a thousand pages of documentation if one wants to get into it, but Juan Browne of Blancolirio has done an excellent summary.  I highly recommend  this video for new pilots just getting into their careers and considering where to go: as much as progressives like to deny that people have physical differences, they do, and they can sneak up on you if you're not aware of and compensating for them.  It is important to trust your instruments and also to understand their failure modes and how to compensate for them - the human body has a remarkable pair of IMUs but the fact remains that they are not very reliable in the air and can fool you into thinking that the aircraft is doing things that it actually isn't doing, and you can get into major trouble by taking the wrong action as a result.  It is also very important to maintain basic communication between pilots, as one of the contributing factors (as it was on Air France 447) is that both pilots were trying to fly differently, and having two PFs contributed to this accident.  The good news is that the captain started his piloting career when he was 40, so if you're about there, you can make a fruitful career out of it.


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