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13/01/2020 8:53 am  

Hi, I'm Terry Wilson of Featherwing Love Project.  I'm here mostly because my YouTube account was deleted on 2019 March 9, probably because I'm too conservative for the platform's political tastes.  Because of that, I didn't have much opportunity to interact with Mentour Pilot channel since discovering it in mid-2018.  I do a lot of simming, a lot of study, and actually a lot of speculation about the future of aviation technology, and also spaceflight (last I checked, my channel for After Columbia Project was still there, but the videos are really old, really lame and contain no audio - I recommend David W. Courtney if you're into that (nothing new in four years, I'm scared his CF got him.))  One of my apparently unique videos was how to fly an Altea XR-2 Ravenstar entry with roll modulation; everyone else uses AoA modulation, except NASA and others who do it in real life as opposed to simulators.  I'm growing a new channel at where I have launched several FD2S streams with titles like "An Airbus A319 just landed in London City Airport... ...with 1551 people on board 🙂" (This one is actually very interesting because the guy is a real 737 captain, and pulls no punches with the realism when he's flying the 737-800 ZIBO in X-Plane 11; it is an excellent video at illustrating why pilots are generally not assigned to different types of aircraft simultaneously, if you want to spend more time on it than Peter's little intro.)

For this venue, probably the most interesting thing I've done is ask myself a question after a certain Mentour Pilot video from October, "Airline pilots don't just drop at the controls, that's what the Class 1 Medical is for - how is the passenger going to deal with whatever problem would simultaneously incapacitate both pilots?"  The story of how they dealt with hijacking was told with United Airline 93 (if that's how it happened; I still have my doubts), and how they dealt with depressurization was kinda told by Helios 557, and both of those stories have sad endings.  (I say "kinda" for Helios 557 because the guy was a flight attendant and held an off-type pilot's license.)  So, new problem: undetected fire with clear fumes to knock out the pilots, and a mostly happy ending (no fatalities, but the most serious injuries got very close.)   The Real McCoy.  Quick intro:


"Thank you," Lionel pats her on the shoulder then slips past towards the flight deck door. He takes several quick breaths, then a deep one before stepping into the cockpit. The plane is on autopilot, and the CVR picks up his voice for the first time, "Peter didn't say how to deal with what might simultaneously incapacitate both pilots."

Investigators later determined that he had watched this video on YouTube:

["Can a Passenger land an Aircraft?!" by Mentour Pilot]


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