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Hi guys!!  


Petter Hornfeldt
MentourPilot Admin
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14/07/2019 10:53 pm  

I hope everybody are enjoying the new website! Feel free to come with suggestions about what we should have  in here! 

Philippe Wetterwald
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24/08/2019 11:00 am  

Hi Petter,

I follow actively your Youtube channel as well as I have your apps on my phone/iPad as well (you did a fantastic job 😊...). 

During my active professional life (I am retired now and I was Regulatory Affair Director in a large Chemical company), I interviewed many (probably around a hundred) young applicants for various jobs, mostly in the end at the PhD levels.
They were supposed to be good at math and, sometimes, when I wanted to investigate a little more on their personalities I asked them to perform a tittle test (pasted below). I told them:  it’s very basic, only addition and multiplication and you will find the solution in less than a couple of minutes, but….

Once they read the test, usually the applicants started to sweat a little, get confused and most of them lost their logic.

Obviously, after a while, I had to explain the true purpose of the test: I did this not to test their math skill but, only to get a short hint at how they would perform under stress. Usually that was quite informative. I thought that could be of interest to you. Best regards and keep going (best luck if you have to relocate).

Philippe Wetterwald

This year's Bac S math test!

3 men go to a hotel. The receptionist announces the room at 30€.

So each gives 10€.

A little later, the receptionist realizes that the room is actually 25€.

He calls the bellman and sends it with the 5€ to the men who rented the room.

On the way, the groom wonders how he will share the 5€ in 3. He decides to give each person 1€ and keeps 2€ for him.

So each of the 3 people paid 9€ for the room; this makes a total of 27€.

Add to these 27€ the 2€ kept by the bellhop; that's 29€.

Where is the other euro?



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